Montag, 22. Februar 2010

Narrative in Red

On January 21 we inaugurated the arrival of second issue of EntreLasTierras publications with Allegorie des Spotts | Allegory of Derision by Cristián Berríos, a translation of the short story Alegoría del Escarnio.

Allegory of Derision is one of my most precious short stories. It posesses a load of humor, a particular vision on death and a fierce critic of matrimony, but it is special, because i wrote it shortly after the death of my father. Years later it appeared in Letralia and Revista del Puñal.“ (C.B.)

Cristián Berríos (Santiago de Chile, 1975), Chilean poet and writer. In digital format he published Chocolate Post Mortem, Tales of Sueñobscuro, The Lay Brotherhood, Holy Grail of an Underground and Short Symphony of an Unrepentant Crime. His texts moreover have appeared in publications in Chile, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. 2009 he was part of Me Urbe arbitrary anthology (Chile-Venezuela). Currently he is editor of the independent digital magazine Puente de Saturno, which in its first edition between others included Latin-American poets such as Gladys Gonzáles and Ana Montrosis from Chile, Amalia Gieschen from Argentina, Gladys Mendía and Betsimar Sepúlveda from Venezuela. At the end of last year Brücke des Saturns, a short selection of his poetry translated by Gabrielle Cram, got published by EntreLasTierras. (follow him on:

After a little sneaky preview on an aka|red event as well as on an event we held in solidarity with a friend who got sick (for details follow this link: coming soon) Allegory of Derision’s first presentation happened in the frame of the exhibition Double-Volley, whichs opening was taking place on the evening of January 21 at AREA 53, Gumpendorferstraße 53, in Vienna’s sixth district. The exhibition comprises several artists and is on view until February 27. Be quick, and you will have the chance to page through Allegory of Derision within the proposed set-up and save your own copy!

The presentation is accompanied by a short introduction to EntreLasTierras collaborative project and the people behind (as a suggestion of 2 or 3 possible descriptions follow this link:

„The same way as Obama can’t renounce petroleum, literary traditionalism and laminated cover editions need each other. If there exist books with cardboard covers or editons of 100 tacked exemplars, read them, or tolerance exsanguinates you?“ (C.B.)

With this second # EntreLasTierras is also introducing a new product line: Narrative in Red. And as the title suggests, the publication of prose is and will be indicated through it’s red coated appearance. So take care and ask: „Why your coat could be so red?“

Allegorie des Spotts will be available at Schikaneder during the exhibition schik II - Revolution with the participation of aka|red, opening on March 16 at Schikaneder, Margaretenstraße 24, in the 4th Viennese district. Under the pleonasm aka|red a series of hybrid events such as Beware, beware, beware... or I resist you! have been organized at Schikaneder. The various performances entailed the artistic interest in narrations, complementary proposals to music or sound, thematizing and potentiating distributions as well as the facilitation of situations, in which music or its respect (hi-)stories could be shared and integrated as part of an extended artistic practice, along and under consideration of diverse time-and-space-based trajectories. To follow this practice, the mentioned exhibition will include a sound-section with a listening station of an open and fragmented archive of (sound)tracks in its writing.

Watch out for next issue of EntreLasTierras..coming soon!

Freitag, 25. Dezember 2009

in between

It is time to give a short report about the first edition of EntreLasTierras, the publication of Brücke des Saturns, a selection of poems by Cristián Berríos. As announced we had our first presentation within the listening party I resist you! part II on December 8 at Schikaneder, Vienna, an event by aka|red that took place within human rights film festival this human world and took us onto a journey following diverse (sound)tracks of resisting voices, their narrations and narratives. It was the first occasion to get into touch with Brücke des Saturns, besides some little presales and impromptu presentations and was very successful all in all as it also laid path to our next steps..

The publication became a little rumour already before its actual appearance. That we realized, when suddenly an artist friend, whom we saw from a diners window, jumped out on the street and asked us for an issue. We were happy to have some with us, since we were heading towards Salon für Kunstbuch, an artistic social intervention rather than a book store run by Bernhard Cella. Go see yourself (and btw and between us: you will be able to purchase our wonderful first publication there)! It is great to share a similar perspective, since we also asked another seemingly alternative space, who refused to take up Brücke des Saturns in its program (the reasons we will explain at a different point and in a more elaborate analysis of strategies and actual events).

The encounter with Bernhard led to the fantastic idea to have our first lecture at his place. Within his event Saturday Swing im Salon on September 12 we did it: 3 poems had been read in Spanish and German language. This triggered some most interesting discussion on the poems, their content and potential readabilities, poetry as such and its cultural values within diverse contexts, cultural exchange, transnationalism, diverse asymmetries at play, but also on publication and distribution systems, „independent“ and/or collaborative projects and financial as well as performative aspects about them. We recorded some parts of the lecture and discussion and will make them available at a given time about which we will have you informed.

The informal sale until now takes the biggest part within the distribution of Brücke des Saturns. It is the colportage on streets, among friends, artists, events like exhibition openings and concerts that are most successful since always combined with a "Mouth to Mouth" colportage of the making off and stories behind Brücke des Saturns and EntreLasTierras publication project, which we discovered people are most interested to listen. If you don’t come across Brücke des Saturns easily or accidently you can also find it at Song’s place We are happy to inform you that we could already pay off the material production costs. Yesterday, on December 24, we sent the first two issues to Santiago de Chile with a first little installment of €20 = CLP14,601,94 (as per today on to the author.

Sonntag, 6. Dezember 2009

Brücke des Saturns

Brücke des Saturns | Bridge of Saturn is a selection of poems from Tórax by Cristián Berríos, Chilean poet and underground writer, translated into German. Brücke des Saturns is the first edition of EntreLasTierras publications a collaborative project between the worlds 100% self-sustained.

Cristián Berríos (Santiago de Chile, 1975), poet and writer. In digital format he published Chocolate Post Mortem, Tales of Sueñobscuro, The Lay Brotherhood, Holy Grail of an Underground and Short Symphony of an Unrepentant Crime. His texts appeared also in publications in Chile, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru. In 2009 he was part of Me Urbe Arbitrary Anthology (Chile-Venezuela). Currently he edits the independent magazine Puente de Saturno | Bridge of Saturn.
The authors selection includes poems such as Menares, Greenhouse of Lechery or The Awakening translated into German by Gabrielle Cram. The publications will be available through diverse distributors (TBA) and is published and presented on December 8 within the event I resist you! part II at Schikaneder, Vienna.